Hey guys! I'm Cheyenne Chemease - dog mom, educator, all-around kind person, oh yeah and the face behind all of this. Wow, where to begin? Welp I have always considered myself to be a 'creative personality', In saying that I really just mean that I have a knack for the creative arts. I tend to dabble in many artistic forms but I have finally settled on my favorites. So what am I into?

EVENT COORDINATOR: To truly tie into my lifestyle of 'BeActive' and where most of my artistic inspiration comes from is my small venture - PAWPPUP & Play. With this community, I get to meet other loving pet parents and take a moment to simply enjoy life and Zoey, my 6-year-old golden retriever. This is the reason why I narrowed my field of focus for my other artistic talents to work mainly with pets, but don't worry I'm definitely open to other projects as well.

PHOTOGRAPHY: My first and forever passion is capturing people and the precious moments that make up life. Yes, I am the girl who's camera-ready at EVERY occasion -- Dreamville Festival, Birthdays, Holiday Get-Togethers, you name it. Not only that but I'll sit there for hours editing if I don't put time restrictions on myself (trust me, there is such a thing as too much screen time). Although I will always keep a camera handy with friends, my main photogenic subjects are pets, more specifically dogs. 

ILLUSTRATION: In 2019 I decided to pick back up on drawing. Since then I have created awe-inspiring illustrations. My focus is to provide hand-drawn pet portraits, created in procreate, that are yours to cherish how you choose; phone screen saver, personal stickers, poster or canvas, you name it. I also take on specially requested custom work if you find that you like my style but for a non-pet related illustration.

PODCAST HOST & MORE: Wait, is it more about pets? LOL no. My artistic work may revolve around pets because that's simply what makes me happy and motivated in my work; I still have to take a break from the screen. My brain breaks honestly center around my love for books and adventure. I can get lost for days in a book and as a creative having to force yourself to be creative is hard so balance in our own personal life is needed. So catch me on the podcast giving you personal life updates and interesting conversations surrounding the topics that my books center on. PS: I'm a lover of psychological thriller, murder mystery/adventure, and a bit of romance with the rest of the genres sprinkled in.


Beyond Your Window is an online digital studio with touches of my personal life mingled in.


It is a space for me to continue to be creative in the studio. Whether that studio is a recording one for my lifestyle & bookish podcast or the one where I get to make magic happen in the digital world through photos and illustrations.


Beyond Your Window has always been a place for me to express myself creatively and it will remain so as I evolve throughout the years. The name was designed as a way to always remind myself to keep looking beyond. That no matter how boxed in we may feel there is always more, you just have to look beyond your current frame of mind.


That's pretty much it! Explore the site and hopefully, you find something useful that encourages you to look #beyondyourwindow.

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Owned & Operated by C. Chemease

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